Favourite docrafts Galleries – Blog Prompt Catch-up, Day 2

Two blog posts in a week and I’m on a roll, so I thought I’d do a bit of catching up!

Day 2’s blog prompt challenge was to identify 5 favourite docrafts user galleries and explain why.  Phew!  That’s a very tricky one, as there are so many talented people in the docrafts user community, and they cover such a wide range of crafts.  I’ve had to cheat a little, but here goes:


Margaret has some really beautifully crafted cakes in her gallery, including lots of hand painted ones, and covering quite a range of styles.  She also has some lovely cards.


I found Carol’s gallery because she was kind enough to comment on one of my blog posts recently. She has a lovely range of projects, and lots of altered art.

craftyyJ has some really unusual projects, and seems to share my love of mini books. Her gallery is a really fun place to look.


Petra crafts in a vintage style that I’m rarely brave enough to try.  Her projects have masses of work in them, and I love looking at such carefully crafted projects, especially as they’re so different to what I usually make.

OK, my 5th choice is the cheat, as it’s 5 more people 🙂 The thing is, they’re all good friends of mine, and fellow demonstrators, and I struggled to whittle it down to 5 as it was! Nikki Smith, Becky James, Cliona Larkin, Tracy Creedy, and Christine Saunders all make such beautiful projects, including really unusual items, that their galleries are always sure to inspire me.

I hope my list takes you to somewhere new!


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