Give us a smile – Blog Prompt catch-up, Day 10

When Bob smiles, so do we 🙂

Day 10’s prompt was “what makes you smile”. This was sadly a very easy one to answer, as the things that make me smile had been put to the test the evening before, when my Mum called to say that her sweet and gentle little Cavalier King Charles spaniel had died suddenly. Anything that can make you smile after sad news deserves a place in this post, and little Bob is pretty much top of the list. He’s been getting a new batch of teeth recently, so he hasn’t been his usual cheerful self the last few days, and has needed a lot of cuddles, hence the delay in me posting. He has five little teeth now and, although I’ll miss his gummy grin, it looks like his little toothy grin is going to make me smile even more 🙂 All but one of his teeth is on the left of his mouth and, as his Daddy and paternal Grandparents are all left handed, I wondered idly if there’s any link between handedness and the order that teeth come through. I Googled, and found a study that suggests there is a link, but it cost $86 to read the results for 24 hours, and I really didn’t need to know that much!!

Anyway, back to the prompt… Close on Bob’s heels is Molly the Collie. If you need cheering up, all you have to do is show her a broom or hosepipe and she goes all growly and bitey, but in a way that’s far too cute to be scary. We’re not sure if the broom is her favourite thing, or her arch enemy, but if you look like you might be opening the garage door, she waits patiently for a chance at a show-down.

Although not really up to combatting very bad news, two other things deserve a mention here. The first is my crafting stash (of course!). Papers and stamps are my main two weaknesses (not that I’m particularly strong willed with any crafting goodies!) and I often think I get as much pleasure from just looking at my stash as I do from creating with it. The second thing to mention is the great outdoors. I love to walk in the countryside, and I can think of little as deeply satisfying as gazing at a lovely view with the sun on my face, a breeze in my hair and the sounds of birds singing all around me.

With Molly and Bob the bump , Castle Rock, Devon


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