Just one word – Blog prompt day 19

Saturday’s blog prompt was “A word”.  The challenge: to describe ourselves in one word.  Time to make that noise plumbers make when they’re about to give you an estimate 🙂  I was struggling to come up with anything other than “disorganised” for a while, but that’s just at the moment.  I go through phases of being very organised, so I didn’t think that was fair.  I asked my husband, who suggested “short” and “untidy”.  Both are sadly true, but I rejected them too.  The first was just a physical trait, the second is only half the story.  I *am* particularly talented at messing up a craft desk or a kitchen, as anyone who’s been to one of my demos or my kitchen will tell you, but I *want* everything in its place (and a place for everything).  One reason I make a mess is that I get too absorbed in the task at hand to tidy as I go.  I also have difficulty starting a job if I know I can’t finish it, and I do tend to get bogged down in reorganising my storage of things, rather than just focusing on clearing the decks.  In the end I decided to be kind to myself and plumped for “optimistic”.  Much of my messiness and lateness is the result of me thinking I can achieve more than I can in the time, rather than being disorganised as such, and I do generally think of my glass as being half full, so I think it’s a fair assessment.  Of course, this just reminds me of the old bit of job interview advice for when you’re asked for your greatest weakness: always say “I’m too much of a perfectionist”, as it’s not really a weakness after all:-)


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  1. Sandra Hinds
    May 22, 2012 @ 19:53:35

    I really like your blog. Baby Bob is a real cutie! Thank you for commenting on my post – The kindness of strangers. Sx


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