WordPress or Blogger – help me decide?

While it’s always best to feel you’ve made your own choices, sometimes going with the flow makes life so much easier.  When I set up this blog last year, I picked WordPress so that I could have more control over what it looked like.  Although I knew I could do more if I hosted the blog myself, I didn’t realise how limited it would be if I didn’t.  Simple things like following other people’s blogs, and attracting followers to mine, are such a pain that it really is a bit disheartening.  So, I thought I’d have a go at running WordPress and Blogger blogs alongside one other for a while, and choose which one I like the best.  A quick Google revealed that WordPress will export a blog, Blogger will import one, and the nice people at www.webupd8.org will convert a WordPress export to Blogger format.  Sadly, mandmade.blogspot.com has been taken (even more sadly, by someone who posted just one post in 2009 😦 ), so I’ve set up home at mandmadecrafts.blogspot.com instead.  Please come and visit me there too and leave me a comment to say which blog you prefer.  Some of the formatting (mainly of pictures) has suffered a bit in the transfer, so please bear with me while I fix it all by hand.


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