Popularity – Blog prompt catch up, Day 28

Day 28’s prompt was to write about our blog’s most popular post.

This was a really useful exercise for me, as I hadn’t previously taken the time to explore all the statistics that wordpress collects.  I was really impressed – you could spend hours looking at where your readers come from, and where they visit.  If my blog was part of a business, it’d be a great tool for evaluating on-line advertising.  As it is, it provided me with an hour of happy geeking instead 🙂

In terms of number of views, 16th May was my blog’s busiest day with 81 views, 32 of which were for that day’s post “A day in life of Baby Bob aged 8 months”.  I posted about this update in a few groups on Facebook, so I think this peak says more about that than the post itself.  I’m always really excited to get comments on blog posts, as it means people were interested enough to linger and interact, so this is how I measure the popularity of my posts.  The most commented award goes to 26th May’s post “Happy day, happy card”.  As that post featured the first craft project I’d managed to complete for weeks, that makes me pretty happy 🙂


Blog Stats

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